Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bhairavi Goswami calls cricket indescribable, just like sex!

Bhairavi is into adventure sports, likes riding horses and plays polo!    But she grew up in UK and in India, so cricket surely cannot be too far from her mind.  
"I love watching cricket. I am sitting at home glued to the television watching every single match. Cricket is too exciting to miss. Nothing excites me as much as cricket. However, I have never played it. After all, it requires one to assume such indecent postures," Bharavi Goswami said.  Adding: "Cricket is actually indescribable. After all, how do you describe an orgasm?"
Born to an Indian father and a Creole mother, Bhairavi has acted in several award winning plays along with such eminent theater personalities as Alyque Padamsee.   She has done some 700 stage performances.  Better known as Paris Hilton of India, Bhairavi acquired her glamor-girl image mainly because of her role as a nymphomaniac girl friend in Bheja Fry.  But many do not remember that she appeared in Gladrags Mega Model contest and won the Pantaloons Model Quest.


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