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Bollywood’s sexy girl, the heartthrob of every other man is Mallika Sherawat. Sherawat has been voted as one of Asia’s 100 most beautiful people by the Hong Kong based fashion and beauty magazine, Cover.
Her sexy looks and dashing courage has made her everyman’s dream girl. She has endorsed and did commercial campaigns for Santro and 7Up.Mallika Sherawat She has also made her international debut in a cameo role in Jackie Chan’s The Myth. Every magazine right from Filmfare, Femina to Man’s World, Cosmopolitan and Snoop magazine published from London have featured Mallika Sherawat, the hottest actress on their covers. Mallika last appeared on screen in Himesh Reshammiya’s debut film
Aap Ka Surroor. Here are some of her pics:Mallika Sherawat
With auto driver distracted by passenger Mallika Sherawat’s ample assets, co-star Vivek Oberoi had to take his place behind the wheels at a shoot
Mallika Sherawat is one lady who is utterly comfortable rocking her booty in rather revealing clothes. This time, it was an auto driver who got a tad uncomfortable with it, and her co-star Vivek Oberoi had to step in to salvage the situation.
Apparently, Vivek and Mallika were shooting for a song in which they had to travel in an auto rickshaw. But the sequence led to an unpleasant situation when Mallika’s revealing outfit and hourglass figure got a little too much for the driver to handle.
The poor chap turned out to be a huge fan of hers and seemed totally overwhelmed by her presence in the back seat. And this resulted in him hardly being able to steer the three-wheeler as per the need of the scene.
Perhaps the driver just couldn’t resist taking a peek into the rear view mirror to have a good look at his famous passenger and that proved to be quite risky. An insider from the set reveals, “Vivek and Mallika were shooting for a song sequence and we had arranged for an auto driver as well.
For this particular shot, Mallika had worn some really racy clothes and that appeared to be the root cause of distraction. The driver just could not get the shot right. We had about 15 takes and at one point, he even almost bumped the vehicle into a nearby pole!”
In the end, the crew had no option but to improvise. They altered the sequence a bit and got Vivek Oberoi to drive the rickshaw himself. The driver, unaffected by these frustrating developments, even confessed to Vivek that he’d find it hard to sleep at night at least for a couple of days!

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