Saturday, May 19, 2012

Indian Hot bollywood actress Nathalia Kaur Deepest Cleavage Show

Nathalia Kaur  Deepest Cleavage Show

Nathalia Kaur is going to be the next big phenomenon of Bollywood. She is one of the latest finds of director Ram Gopal Verma. As her name suggests, she is a Punjabi, but she hails from Brazil. The word goes that she is to be featured in the next item song of Ramu’s upcoming film Department. As per her “hot” factor, she is going to give a lot of “hot” girls of Bollywood a run for their money. The girl is to match her steps to the song ‘’Dan Dan” in the film mentioned above. Read more:
The groovy and peppy item number seems to have got an equally hot item girl. Moreover, Ram Gopal Verma promises that this item number is sure to slay other item numbers of its time. When he was asked about this bandwagon he was all full of praises. In this already overcrowded arena of Bollywood, she is said to be the fresh face of present times.
Ramu says that her charm and grace is unmatched by all of her compatriots from the last decade. Her sizzling performance in “Dan Dan” is about to set the big screen on fire. Read more:

Her classy face, angelic figure and beautiful charm are sure to hog the limelight. She is about to shoot in this film along with stars such as Sanjay Dutt and Rana Duggubati. Rumour has it that Ram Gopal Verma initially approached Sunny Leone for this very item number. But the half Canadian porn star seems to have refused him, keeping in mind her pact with Vishesh films. Read more:

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